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Wild Sage Foods is a minimal waste, organic food store serving and inspiring cooks* to create table moments for those who matter most.


*if you have a kitchen, you’re a cook!

Our Wild Store

We are redefining the minimal waste store by focusing on healthy food and convenient sustainable shopping.

At our Amsterdam-based store, you will find local, organic food ingredients and gain more knowledge about each product’s process and provenance directly from local producers and our friendly staff. Plastic-free shopping has never been easier because you buy in bulk or for one meal without complicated weighing.

Come for a visit and connect with other cooks*, meet local producers, urban farmers and experts during a workshop. And, while you’re here, enjoy homemade and delicious food from our seasonal menu and a premium Rum Baba coffee or tea from our deli.

Why you can count on us

Inspiration & Information

We are your fellow travelers on the culinary adventure!

Reconnect to healthy food ingredients and rediscover cooking with rich ingredient information, workshops, recipes, blogs, connection with local producers and urban farmers.  Learn more!

Quality & Transparency

You’re assured to get high “quality” as all products and producers go through our rigorous selection process. We give you transparency on each local, organic, vegan product and its sustainable ethical food supply chain. See for yourself at the bottom of the About Us page!

Food Culture Hub

Our store is an intersection of local producers, ingredients (organic, vegan, and local), practices and good vibes.  Come join us!

Conscious Shopping

You buy as much or as little as you want plastic-free and without all the hassle. You don’t need to bring your own containers or wait for a scale.

Popular products

Check some of our most popular products

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic (Mild) product image

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic (Mild)

Floral & Fruity


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic (Strong) product image

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic (Strong)

A beautiful balance of fruity, spicy and bitter


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Wild Rice Organic product image

Wild Rice Organic

Superior roasted nutty flavor


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Maple Syrup Organic product image

Maple Syrup Organic

Delicious Canadian maple syrup


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Raw Honey Forest Thyme Organic product image

Raw Honey Forest Thyme Organic

Raw and ethically produced honey


See Product

Greek Mountain Tea Organic product image

Greek Mountain Tea Organic

Risus Nullam Lorem


See Product

Wild Porcini Mushrooms Dried product image

Wild Porcini Mushrooms Dried

Wild Dried Porcini


See Product

Balsamic Vinegar Modena Organic product image

Balsamic Vinegar Modena Organic

Delicious organic Modena Balsamic vinegar


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Oregano Blossom Organic product image

Oregano Blossom Organic

Unique oregano blossom


See Product

Lemon Verbena Leaves Organic product image

Lemon Verbena Leaves Organic

Risus Nullam Lorem


See Product

Sun-dried Tomato & Black Truffle Spread product image

Sun-dried Tomato & Black Truffle Spread

Great stuff


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Handmade Olive Wood Bowl 15 cm product image

Handmade Olive Wood Bowl 15 cm

Handmade from pure olive wood


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Kombucha Jasmine Blossom - Green Tea 750ml product image

Kombucha Jasmine Blossom - Green Tea 750ml

Amsterdam small batch pure Kombucha


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Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder product image

Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder

Local nootropic medicinal mushroom


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Chaga Mushroom Granules product image

Chaga Mushroom Granules

Healing from the Scandanavian wilderness


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Forest Mix Wild Mushrooms Dried product image

Forest Mix Wild Mushrooms Dried

Wild Dried Mushroom Mix


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Rosie & Riffy Cashew Truffle Camemberti (130gr) product image

Rosie & Riffy Cashew Truffle Camemberti (130gr)

Delicious vegan cheese


See Product

Fleur de Sel with Black Truffle product image

Fleur de Sel with Black Truffle

An amazing combination of fleur de Sel coming from Messolonghi lagoon and wild hand picked black truffle


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Rum Baba Coffee

Our Coffee & Deli

Wild Sage Foods offers a vegan deli like none other seen in a zero-waste food store anywhere.

We have partnered with Amsterdam’s very own Rum Baba and proudly serve premium, always freshly roasted, coffee. You can also find a wide variety of herbal teas from the Netherlands and Greece.

We are working together with Andres Jara of Rice, Roots, and Beans to design a seasonal vegan menu prepared with ingredients grown on surrounding urban farms.

Last but not least, you can enjoy our handmade greek pies made of layers and layers of crunchy phyllo crust, filled with delicious vegan ingredients!

Workshops & Events

Have you ever wanted to know more about urban farming or how to live a zero-waste lifestyle? Are you interesting in meeting local producers or enjoying a kombucha and cheese pairing class?

Then check-out our workshops and events schedule. Wild Sage Foods hosts workshops with many local producers, urban farmers, and experts on topics impacting our personal health or community.

See our events calendar

Connection Table and Good Vibes living room

Enjoy your coffee and bite in the company of your friends in the cosy pace of our good vibes living room and connection table.

Our store on Ceintuurbaan is conveniently located next to the De Pijp metro station. It’s a great place to hang-out or catch-up on emails.

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