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Bok Choy and Cashew Stampot


  • 1 kg potatoes (peeled)
  • 2 heads of bokchoy (chopped)
  • 1 onion (diced)
  • 100 g of cashews
  • 2 tblsp minced Garlic
  • 4 tblsp Tamari Sauce
  • 1 tblsp 5 spices wutg Shecuan pepper seasoning 
  • 200 ml coconut milk


  1. Boil the potatoes until cooked.
  2. In a saute pan, cook the bokchoy, onions, and garlic with a little live oil. Add the spices and tamari sauce after the vegetables soften.
  3. Lightly toast the cashews in a small fry pan and stir into to the cooked and seasoned bokshoy.
  4. Mash the cooked potatoes with the coconut milk and bokchoy mix - salt to taste.
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