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Green Cardamom Pods Organic Festive Flavoring of the East


Origin: Guatemala

Our organic green cardamom pods have a bright and unique flavour. Its complexity will bring character to your cooking; indispensable for Indian, Scandinavian, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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About Green Cardamom Pods Organic

Cardamom is the fruit of a large perennial bush that grows wild in the rainforest of the Western Ghats (known as Cardamom Hills) in southern India; a closely related variety grows in Sri Lanka. Both are cultivated in their regions of origin, as well as in Tanzania, Vietnam and Guatemala, that is now the world’s largest producer.

Cardamom has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes in India for more than 2,000 years. The spice was known by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who valued its qualities as a perfume and digestive aid. Around 60% of all cardamom is consumed in Arab counties, where it is a key ingredient of gahwa, a fragrant coffee served as a symbol of hospitality.

Storage and shelf life

Store cardamom pods in a cool, dry, airtight container, away from the sunlight and heat.

Cardamom pods when stored properly, will retain flavor and potency for up to 1 year.

Shipping and delivery

The product is available for delivery and pick up from our store in de Pijp.

The product is delivered in recycled paper bags.

Nutricional information

Ingredients: Dried green cardamom pods

Allergens: No known allergens.

How to use

Cardamom brings out a citrusy and flowery taste, with a note of camphor or eucalyptus; it is pungent and smoky, with a bittersweet note, yet also clean and fresh. The spice enhances both sweet and savory flavors. Hulled seeds can be either lightly bruised and fried, or toasted and ground before being added to a dish. Whole pods are best used in recipes with some sort of fat for the cardamom to infuse since the flavor compounds are almost insoluble in water. The pods that encase cardamom seeds have little flavor on their own, but they are a handy way to keep the seeds contained. Crushing the pod slightly helps expose the aromatic seeds inside.

However you plan to use cardamom, it’s important to keep in mind that a little truly does go a long way; it will quickly overpower a dish if used too generously. Due to their vaguely menthol-like quality, the pods can be chewed like gum as a breath freshener as well.

It goes well into pastries, puddings and ice creams. It is one of the essential components of many spice mixes like garam masala, turkish baharat and main component of chai spice.

Flavor Pairings

Chocolate, coffee, tea, cream, ginger, dates, mint, cinnamon, lentils, apples, oranges, pears, sweet potatoes, rice, pulses, yogurt.
Tasty & fresh
We’ve selected our product due to the strong quality control process of our supplier and their relationship with their producers. We are confident in the high quality of the product evident from the taste, smell and coloring. The product is not irradiated and do not contain any ingredient or additive derived from or produced using GMOs or their derivatives. We always try each batch for freshness and taste as soon as they arrive to our store to ensure that meets our standards.

Cardamom plant is native to Southern India but mostly cultivated in India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala.

Our impact
We buy in bulk from our supplier to reduce packaging and carbon footprint from transportation. We offer the product in reusable or recyclable packaging.

The product is certified organic by Ecocert in France (FR-BIO-01).

Producer's impact
Our supplier has maintained a policy of fairness, caring about the environmental aspects of their business as well as its social and economic aspects. This product come from responsible sources and is certified by Ecocert as organic agriculture. They also have ensured their producer conducts business respectfully, has transparent chains, produces climate neutrally, uses renewable packaging and shows social commitment.