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Weekly Kid's plant based cooking Club by Vegan Bear Chef!

How do we educate our kids about food? How do we teach them that food is more (and much more!) than just a source of energy?
How? Well, the answer is simple - let them find themselves in the right setting.

A cooking program for kids where we can cook together and learn how to whisper to food.

- All the recipes will be plant-based, healthy and low in sugar and fat.
- To reduce the use of disposable material, we will communicate every week any tools that each child can bring from home. If not available, just let us know and we will take care of everything.
- The recipes developed in the previous lesson and other material useful for the project will be available on this page.
- Every week at the end of the class, we will have time to enjoy together what we made - gezellig eten time! -and kids will proudly take home their Magic Box.

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