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Sweet Red Pepper Pate


Producer: Rizes

Origin: Greece

The charcoal-grilled sweet red (Florina) pepper is the only “star”, with the addition of paprika powder & hot green pepper in this awarded product. A slightly spicy pate of exquisite texture & pure rich flavour of smoked pepper & an after-taste of paprika powder. Serve as a dip, appetizer, bread spread, meat or main course side dish.

100% Natural & Handmade, 0% Preservatives & Additives, Charcoal-Grilled Sweet Red Pepper Paste

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About Sweet Red Pepper Pate

“Rizes” (meaning “roots”) has sprung out of deep love for tasty Greek food products made with the best raw materials. The choice of the name has not been an arbitrary one. It vests this undertaking with a double symbolism but points to a single direction, that of return. Return to the roots of the Greek land, to our agricultural wealth, to our Greek agricultural products of exceptional quality & exquisite taste. Return to the roots of Greek cuisine, which is a pillar of the Mediterranean die