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Greek Saffron in Filaments (Krokos Kozanis P.D.O.) "Cooperative de Safran" (1g)


Producer: Cooperative de Safran

Origin: GREECE

Krokos Kozanis is a distinctive Greek saffron renowned for its exceptional quality and unique characteristics. Cultivated in the region of Kozani, Greece, this saffron is distinguished by its vibrant crimson threads and rich aroma. Known for its strong flavor and aromatic essence, Krokos Kozanis adds a touch of luxury to culinary creations. Renowned for its medicinal properties and authenticity, this saffron is a symbol of the region's time-honored saffron cultivation traditions. Elevate your dishes with the exquisite taste and vivid color of Krokos Kozanis, a true gem from the heart of Greece

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