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What to do with sourdough discard? (21.11.22)


Discard or resource? Learn what to do with your sourdough surplus!

Hey home baker! If you are already baking with sourdough, you are probably ending up with some "extra" that you not always manage to use. what to do instead of tossing it?

The friends from Baking Lab Amsterdam are showing us how to use that sourdough to create new products that can enrich your variety of sourdough-related-foods: what about crackers or bread sticks? and if we tell you that you could even make a drink from it?!

Join this workshop to get familiar with reinventing the use of your extra sourdough, to discover new foods you could make with it and to taste some of Baking Lab productions!

Are you not familiar with sourdough? No problem, join us and you will start using it once you go back home!

every participant will get some sourdough to start experimenting after the workshop.

Monday 21 november

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