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Tomato Paste Greek Organic Nothing tastes like greek tomatoes


Producer: Family Farms

Origin: Peloponnese, Greece

Slow cooked to perfection this tomato paste will elevate all your dishes. Made out of fully ripe and delicous tomatoes grown under the greek sun in organic farms in Peloponesse in Greece.

Available for shipping everywhere in the Netherlands or local pickup.

For bulk wholesale prices please contact us with your request at store@wildsagefoods.nl

About Tomato Paste Greek Organic

The most important factor in tomato paste is of course the high quality of the tomatoes. The tomatoes used in this paste are harvested when perfectly ripe and bursting with flavor and then slowly cooked and reduced to this amazing paste.

Storage and shelf life

Once opened tomato paste will last apporximatly 10 days. To ensure longer shelf life you can add layer of olive oil after every time you use it.

Shipping and delivery

Item is available for delivery and pick up from the store

How to use

Tomato paste works perfectly in all traditional places, like soups, stews, and chili. However, the long oven roasting gives it the kind of intense tomato-y flavor that also makes it delicious scraped on toasted baguette rounds and topped with fresh ricotta cheese or painted into a spinach omelet.