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Sweet paprika chili jam T-REX 230g


Producer: T-REX Sauces

Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Don’t like to set your mouth on fire but love a sweetish mild kick? This one’s for you then.Made with fancy Florina Greek red peppers (a Protected Designation of Origin product) and a hint of Cretan chilli, it roars with flavour.
Heat Rating: 1/5

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About Sweet paprika chili jam T-REX 230g

After 56 million years, T-Rex is back!! WATCH OUT... this time he's big, bad and VEGAN.

T-rex sauces is on a plant-based mission, stomping out the bland and adding flavour bombs to burgers, tacos, fries and almost anything else. It also goes well with partying, drinking, eating, mini golf and darts.

Nutricional information

List of ingredients
Florina Paprika, Cretan Chilli, Red Wine Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Ladi Biosas)