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PEARS FOR TEARS Hot Sauce 100ml


Producer: Swet

Origin: Belgium

Specifically designed to accompany traditional dishes and good products from France and Belgium, it brings a good dose of spice without ever disturbing the balance of the dish as would a more exotic hot sauce. The length in mouth of the best chili pepper and the sweetness of the pear combined, in a familiar aromatic spectrum: a homage to the good dishes of our grandmothers.

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About PEARS FOR TEARS Hot Sauce 100ml

Handmade in Brussels from local ugly pears, Belgian red onions, fresh garlic and organic cider vinegar, combined with Habanero peppers grown on the rooftops of Brussels without any chemicals and a very subtle spice blend.

Vegan, zero fat, low in calories, 100% natural.

Use: Paté, boiled vegetables, sauerkraut, prime rib, stoemp (mashed potatoes and vegetables), meatballs, grilled cheese, deli meats, sandwiches... and everything else.

Heat 6/10

Nutricional information

Nutrition values for 100ml: 54 Kcal / 7g Carbs / 2g Protein / 0g Fat