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Menopause by nature 21.03.23 7-8.30pm

Tuesday 21.03.23

Wild Sage is happy to host a workshop by Andrea Walker about Menopause and how to approach it naturally. 
An informational evening suitable for women of all ages, where we will talk about:

- what is peri/menopause/postmenopause

- what hormones are at play during this time

- what is changing in our body in the years before/after menopause

- what complaints it brings

- how to best prepare/deal with all 3 stages so we enjoy this time of life naturally and with ease

- how food, lifestyle, herbs, vitamins... can help

- HRT(hormone replacement therapy) pros&cons...options

Andrea Walker is a functional health coach, she looks at her clients as individuals, with their unique set of complaints and Iooks at the whole body as one interconnected unit (body, mind & soul), while looking for the root cause of their dis-ease.

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