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Kumasi Gassi 275ml


Producer: Kumasi

Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kumasi Gassi is a fresh-sweet mix of lychee, pear and white peach out of pure fruit juice from the cocoa fruit. No sugar, no chemicals, no flavouring.

Available for shipping everywhere in the Netherlands or local pickup.

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About Kumasi Gassi 275ml

The rich juice that is released when a cocoa fruit is broken open normally is wasted; only the cocoa beans are used. This liquid flavor explosion has been now turned it into a healthy natural drink, the Kumasi Gassi.

In this way waste is prevented and cocoa farmers earn extra income.

Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region in Ghana, where a lot of cocoa is grown. Normally the cocoa fruits are only used for the bean from which chocolate is made.

Kumasi Gassi is natural because there is only delicious cocoa fruit juice and water in it. No additives. No junk. Kumasi Gassi is something different than the soft drinks you know. The juice from the cocoa fruit has a special fresh-sweet taste that you have probably never tasted before. This is because the juice is very difficult to collect and process.

Shipping and delivery

The product is available for delivery and pick up from our store in de Pijp.