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Green Olives (Greek) Organic A greek delicacy


Producer: Family Farms

Origin: Greece

Coming directly from organic olive fields in Amfissa, Greece, this green variety olive has a firm, crisp texture and a buttery flavour with bright citrusy notes. It’s an ideal healthy snack and a great addition to most salads.

Available for shipping everywhere in the Netherlands or local pickup.


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About Green Olives (Greek) Organic

The Amfissa green olives are a very popular table olive variety from south & central Greece that can be identified by their round shape. Our organic green olives are produced using strictly organic methods, are hand-picked and cured using natural methods (no chemical processing), no thermal treatment, and no additives). They are very big in size and have crunchy flesh, intense aromatic character, full natural taste.

Storage and shelf life

Choose a glass jar and make sure that your olives are always covered by the brine. They can be even be kept in the fridge.

If covered and properly stored, olives boast a pretty impressive shelf-life, even if the jar has been opened.

They will stay fresh for 12 to 18 months.

Shipping and delivery

The product is available for delivery and pick up from our store in de Pijp.

The product is delivered in glass jars. We are doing our part to close the loop towards circularity by offering this product in glass container with a deposit (Statiegeld) which can be refunded in full for your next purchase.

How to use

The bold lemony flavors of the Amfissa are perfectly paired with creamy goat cheese or briny Greek feta. Try them warmed with oregano, roasted red peppers and fresh lemon zest for an easy appetizer.

They are amazing in salads, sandwiches but also enjoy with some bread and cheese.

You can even try to make your own homemade tapenade!

Other interesting information

All olives are green in the begging and they just change color as they ripen. Therefore the green olives are picked early on, and the darker types are later.
Tasty & fresh
We maintain a close relationship with our producers from Crete and trust their ethos and ways of treating the land. Besides that, though, we obtain certificates of chemical analysis to ensure the quality and always try each batch for freshness and taste as soon as they arrive to our store to ensure that meets our standards.

Our olives grow under the Greek sun in an ideal climate for their development, making it a superb product with taste and aroma.

Our impact
We buy in bulk from our supplier to reduce packaging and carbon footprint from transportation. We offer the product in reusable or recyclable packaging.

The product is certified organic by BIO IRIS (GR-BIO-06).

Producer's impact
Our producers are all small batch olive tree growers in the region of Amfissa in Greece. They have been taking care of the land and the trees for generations and have a love and passion for what they do. They use organic farming techniques, which are much more sustainable than conventional.