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Organic Greek Goat Gruyère 250gr (Graviera) The Greek Gruyère


Producer: Menikio Agricultural Cooperative

Origin: Greece

A pale-yellow hard cheese made from pasteurised goat milk produced by this small organic farm with the addition of lactic acid culture, rennet & salt. This type of cheese matures for a minimum of 3 months, developing a unique, buttery and spicy flavour & a rich aroma. This graviera is made according to the standards of Swiss Gruyère with one major difference: goat's milk is used instead of the cow's milk used in Switzerland.

Available for local delivery only or pickup in Amsterdam.

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Storage and shelf life

Look for specific expiry date on the packaging

Always keep refrigerated.

Shipping and delivery

he product is available for delivery and pick-up from our store in de Pijp.
Tasty & fresh
Menikio Agricultural Cooperative is producing high quality delicious products with respect to the animals and the environment
Graviera is Greek origin product and this high quality product can only be sourced from there
Our impact
We buy in small batches always to ensure the freshness and avoidance of waste
The feta is organically certified
Producer's impact
The organic milk originates from animals of local producers from the surrounding mountainous & lowland areas of Mt Menikio. They are all certified for the production of high quality & nutritional value organic milk with respect to the environment but also the animal itself as well as its feed.