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Making Ayurveda's Nectar (Saturday 01.07.2023)



Do you like sweets?

Your body sure does!

It LOVES good quality sweets. It’s our main source of nourishment! 😉

On Saturday 1st of July we will prepare something sweet and nutricous together. An ancient treat and medicine. Ayurveda's true NECTAR. 🌺

This elixir will please the heart, lubricate the brain and ignite your fire. What more than this do we need? 🍯

 Join us for a delicious workshop during which we will prepare together home made ghee with soaked dates. We will also share with you all the benefits of this juicy recipe and of ghee in general! 🌟

 We invite you to not only nourish the body with delicious treats but also nurture the soul by getting to know new people, connecting, and embracing the sweetness that comes from sharing knowledge, experiences, and the joy of creating together.

 Saturday, July 1 · 11am - 12pm CEST in Wild Sage Foods

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