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Chilli Flakes Organic Add some kick to your dishes


Origin: Spain

Organic Chili Flakes are a flavorful and spicy seasoning made from dried mild cayenne chili peppers that are cultivated using organic farming practices, free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals. These flakes are a convenient way to add a fiery kick to your dishes while aligning with your commitment to organic and sustainable food sources.

Organic chili flakes are known for their versatility and can be sprinkled on a wide variety of dishes to enhance flavor and add heat. They are a popular choice for adding spiciness to pizza, pasta, soups, stews, and more. The level of heat can vary depending on the type of chili peppers used, so you can adjust the quantity to suit your desired level of spiciness.

Available for shipping everywhere in the Netherlands or local pickup.


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About Chilli Flakes Organic

Chili flakes are spice that is made up of dried and crushed whole peppers (seeds and all). Our organic chili flakes are made out of cayenne peppers and they are mildly spicy. They have been dried naturally, without a lot of additional processing.

Nutritionally speaking they are rich in vitamin C and A as well as potassium and magnesium.

Storage and shelf life

Store chili flakes in a cool, dry, airtight container, away from the sunlight and heat.

Chili Flakes, when stored properly, will retain flavor and potency for up to 1 year.

Shipping and delivery

The product is available for delivery and pick up from our store in de Pijp.

The product is delivered in recycled paper bags.

How to use

These dried organic chili flakes can be sprinkled over pizza, pasta, soups, salads, and mix into dressings and sauces.

You can take a simple dish and by sprinkling little chili flakes take it to another level altogether. Toasting the chili flakes will bring out the flavor and taste.
Tasty & fresh
We’ve selected our product due to the strong quality control process of our supplier and their relationship with their producers. We are confident in the high quality of the product evident from the taste, smell and coloring. The product is not irradiated and do not contain any ingredient or additive derived from or produced using GMOs or their derivatives. We always try each batch for freshness and taste as soon as they arrive to our store to ensure that meets our standards.

We were not able to source high quality chili flakes locally.

Our impact
We buy in bulk from our supplier to reduce packaging and carbon footprint from transportation. We offer the product in reusable or recyclable packaging.

The product is certified organic by SKAL, the Dutch national certifier for organic produce and products (NL-BIO-01).

Producer's impact
Our supplier has maintained a policy of fairness, caring about the environmental aspects of their business as well as its social and economic aspects. This product come from responsible sources and is certified by SKAL as organic agriculture. They also have ensured their producer conducts business respectfully, has transparent chains, produces climate neutrally, uses renewable packaging and shows social commitment.