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Chia Protein Powder Organic Superfood Of The Aztecs


Origin: Latina America

Our organic chia powder made of chia seeds that have been ground to a powder. It is a reliable source of gluten-free fiber & vegan protein. It has a mild, slightly nutty flavour which blends well with sweet and savoury flavours, making it a tasty addition for many types of recipes. It’s one of our favourite ingredients for a healthy, organic smoothie to start our day.

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About Chia Protein Powder Organic

Chia seeds, native to Central America, are known as “power” or “healing” seeds and have been consumed by ancient Latin American cultures for centuries. Chia seeds provides a healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, iron, and fiber which are important for your health and wellbeing. Chia protein powder is chia seeds that have been ground to a powder, making it suitable.

Chia seeds came from a dessert plant Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family. The 1mm elliptical seeds are varieties of gray, black and white, and when soaked they can absorb up to twelve times their weight in liquid, developing a mucilaginous coating that gives chia-based foods and beverages a gel-like texture.

Mild, slightly nutty flavour which blends well with sweet and savoury flavours.

Storage and shelf life

The proper way to store chia is to store it in an airtight container. This keeps the seeds away from bacteria that make the decomposition process faster, and keeps the odors away that can permeate the chia and make it lose its flavor. Chia powder decomposes faster than whole seeds; therefore, keep them refrigerated or frozen once you get home. Refrigerated, Organic Chia Protein powder will last up to a year.

Shipping and delivery

The product is available for delivery and pick up from our store in de Pijp.

The product is delivered in recycled paper bags.

Nutricional information

Per 100 grams) of chia powder

Energy 2033 Kj / 486 Kcal

Fat 30.7 grams; Saturated: 3.33g; Monounsaturated: 2.31 grams; Polyunsaturated: 23.67 grams, Omega-3: 17.83 grams; Omega-6: 5.84 grams; Trans: 0.14 grams

Carbohydrates 42,1 g

Fibers 34,4 g

Protein 16,4 g

Salt 0.2 g

Notably, chia seeds are also free of gluten.

How to use

Chia powder can be mixed into almost anything – into pancakes, smoothies, cereals, oatmeal – or sprinkled on to salads, puddings, crisp toppings, or yogurt

Chia powder or chia seeds can be mixed into warm liquids such as coffee and teas. It can even be used in cooking, especially with soups. Our Chia Seed Powder doesn’t dissolve in water. Add 1 tsp daily to smoothies, sauces and soups for a boost of fibre and protein.

Babies can benefit from all the nutrition that chia seeds provide. It helps with digestion, feeling full for a longer period of time. It can add calcium if your child is not a big milk drinker or a dairy allergy.

Other interesting information

Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) was originated from Mexico and Guatemala; it has been the part of human food for about 5500 years. Traditionally, the seeds were used by Aztecs and Mayas people in the preparation of folk medicines, food and canvases. In pre-historic times in Columbian societies, it was the second main crop after beans. The word chia is derived from a Spanish word chian which means oily, it is oilseed, with a power house of omega-3 fatty acids, superior quality protein, higher extent of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and wide range of polyphenolic antioxidants which act as antioxidant and safeguard the seeds from chemical and microbial breakdown (
Tasty & fresh
We only source our organic Chia from a realiable wholesaler with a reputation for quality as demonstrated through their certifications. We order in optimal bulk quantities and inspect each delivery for taste and color to ensure the freshest products for you

Unfortunately, we are unable to source Chia in the Netherlands today.

Our impact
We buy Chia in bulk renewable packaging and sell to you in reusable or biodegradable packaging.

Our chia is certified organic by SKAL Biocontrole in the Netherlands. To grow Organic Chia, the producer uses controlled aquatic systems to ensure no external toxins, pesticides or other pollution are absorbed by the algae.

Producer's impact
Producer’s impact We have ensured our supplier conducts business respectfully, have transparent chains, produce climate neutrally, use renewable packaging or show social commitment.