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Jasmine Kombucha BAIN 250ml Refreshing and delicous locally made kombucha


Producer: BAIN Brewing

Origin: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Jasmine kombucha has an elegant brightness with mild floral notes. Its pleasant lemon-like acidity is perfectly balanced with a subtle sweetness. A deliciously refreshing, light-bodied non-alcoholic beverage made with hand rolled tea leaves from Fujian, scented with fresh jasmine flowers.

Available for local delivery only or pickup in Amsterdam.

For bulk wholesale prices please contact us with your request at

About Jasmine Kombucha BAIN 250ml

BAIN is a small craft kombucha brewery located in Rotterdam. They specialise in making beverages that are actually healthy, while tasting exceptionally good.

All of BAIN Brewing products are organic/bio and not pasteurised. So that you get the most nutrients possible.

Storage and shelf life

Keep kombcuha always refrigerated. Once opened, ideally consume it in a week's time.

Shipping and delivery

The product is available for delivery and pick up from our store in de Pijp

Nutricional information

Ingredients - Jasmine Green Tea, Scoby, sugar, mineral water
Tasty & fresh
We’ve selected our product due to the strong quality control process of our supplier and their relationship with their producers. We are confident in the high quality of the product evident from the taste, smell and coloring
BAIN's brewery is in Rotterdam
Our impact
The product comes in recycled glass bottles, that we aim to return back to the supplier to be used again in the process! Circularity at its best!
The product is made out of organically certified ingredients from Landzicht biologisch, a fully certified NL-BIO-01 Organic / Bio farm
Producer's impact
Our supplier shares our direction on organic agriculture and ethical, social aspects on food chain. They are committed to long term relationships with the farmers they work with around the world to ensure highest level of product quality and life for them