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Amsterdam in a box €50 Support your Locals!


Producer: Wild Sage Foods

Origin: Amsterdsm

A great collection of artisan products made in Amsterdam! Support your locals!

By supporting local farmers and producers, you are not only saving money within the community and improve the local economy, but also get better quality products, on season and at lower prices, which will also beneficial from environmental perspective.

Jara  - Tomatillo Salsa 160ml

Potverdorie!  Jam & Chutney 210ml

T-Rex - Cayenne Scriracha 200ml

Mr & Mrs. Watson - Vegan Honey 200g

Wilder Land - Fresh Blend 25g

Circle of Food - Mushroom Pasta 250g

Wild Sage Foods - Almond Crackers Smoked Paprika and Rosemary 100g

Wild Sage Foods - Choco Granola 200g

Available for shipping everywhere in the Netherlands or local pickup.

Delivery Package

For bulk wholesale prices please contact us with your request at

Shipping and delivery

The box is available for delivery and pick from our store in de Pijp
Doesn't get more local than that! :)