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Greek Tzatziki ( & Vegan alternative)

Proudly presenting our foolproof recipe of greek tzatziki. There is no way that you have been in Greece and didn't come across this amazing dip. It is extremely versatile and you will find it as part of the other famous greek street food Souvlaki. In Greece, it is the best friend of bread and fried potatoes before the main dish comes. There are different variations on this straightforward recipe that have to do with the type of yogurt and of course the amount of garlic! 

Although simple needs some tricks to achieve the perfect balance and texture. Follow the steps and you will never need any other recipe. 


250 g strained greek yogurt ( avoid the 0% fat, the rest are fine) - for the vegan alternative try the Havergurt Greek Style from Oatly ( its by far the best for this recipe) 
1/2 large or 1 small cucumber
2 cloves of garlic 
tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1/4 bunch dill, finely chopped ( you can also add a similar amount of chopped mint)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (it is important to have good quality olive oil here because its the second most important ingredient after yogurt)
1 pinch of sea salt
enough freshly ground black pepper


How to nail it every time 

- Peel the cucumber and grate with a cheese grater, using the large blades. Don't do it like cheese but make only the downward move; this will ensure that your cucumber remains crunchy which is very important for the final texture of the dip

- Place them in a fine mesh, add salt and let them release their juice for 30 minutes. 

- After 30 minutes take the cucumber "fillets" and give them a proper squeeze to extract as much as possible of their water (yeap.. there will be more). This is crucial for the creamy texture of tzatziki.

- Combine the yogurt, olive oil, garlic, and vinegar until all olive oil has been absorbed and your base is creamy.

- Add salt and pepper. Adjust to your preference.

- Add the cucumber and dill.

- Mix well together and put immediately in the fridge. 

It needs to cool down for at least a couple of hours in the fridge so the flavors blend properly.

Before serving add some extra olive oil and some freshly ground pepper.

 To store your tzatziki, wrap it and place it in the fridge. It will keep good for approximately 4 days. Before serving, take it out of the fridge, and mix it well so any liquids that may have come out are incorporated. 

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