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Try this awesome
vegan & delicious


hot sauce!

Habanero Pepper with balsamic
vinegar, onion, carrot
& garlic



Olive oil

From small family farms

we love our products

Oil & Vinegar

Two of the most used products in kitchens. Sourcing them organic and high quality is essential for a healthy and nutritious diet.

Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese has evolved a lot the last years. We are very proud to have a small local artisan collection of delicious vegan cheeses!

Local Producers

Shopping local not only support the local communities but gives you fresh high quality products while reducing your carbon footprint.




We use organic ingredients from our store and seasonal vegetables and greens from local organic farms. You will always find them fresh for lunch and dinner.

Sandwiches & wraps

We partner with local farms and bakeries sourcing always fresh and seasonal ingredients. Either it is a warm sandwich, toasted buritto or a cold wrap, they are great for a quick but filling lunch and dinner.


Greek, traditionally made by hand filo pies directly from grandmas kitchen! Lots of love and lots of extra virgin olive oil! Enjoy them every day freshly baked to our store!

Our Blog & events

Freddo Coffee Culture - The evolution of iced coffee
05 Aug

Freddo Coffee Culture - The evolution of iced coffee

FREDDO COFFEE CULTURE  Greece is, amongst other things, the birthplace of Freddo coffee. It is almost impossible for Greeks to imagine entering...

Classic Coleslaw
13 Jun

Classic Coleslaw

A Dutch origin salad that has taken over the years many forms and variations across the globe. This is a full-proof recipe...

Bok Choy and Cashew Stampot
16 May

Bok Choy and Cashew Stampot

Ingredients 1 kg potatoes (peeled) 2 heads of bokchoy (chopped) 1 onion (diced) 100 g of cashews 2 tblsp minced Garlic 4...

White Asparagus with Vegan Hollandaise Sauce
16 May

White Asparagus with Vegan Hollandaise Sauce

What do you need 500g White Asparagus (peeled and boiled whole in salt water) 150g cashews (soaked overnight) 50g Nutritional yeast 2...

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